Mission Statement

Posted January 1st, 2012 by glocaltech

The mission of the Laurens County TEA Party is to restore our Constitutional Republic and to fight to preserve the freedoms granted by God as laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Laurens and Clinton Mayor Forum

Posted February 27th, 2015 by belsom

Laurens Mayor Forum: http://laurenssc.org/laurensmayorforum/

Clinton Mayor Forum: http://laurenssc.org/clintonmayorforum/

Don’t forget to vote Tues. March 3, 2015.


Gas Tax Hike Information

Posted January 28th, 2015 by belsom

The position of Laurens County Tea Party is that before any gas tax increase or tax swap should be discussed, the SCDOT needs to be audited and made accountable for the situation with the roads and how they are spending our taxpayer dollars. Our SC State Treasurer, Curtis Loftis, is also opposed to a gas tax.  Here are some of his comments at our recent Rally at the Statehouse in Columbia to oppose the gas tax:

“The Tax is real-the rest is a promise.”

“I believe in planning. But I also believe that an extra commitment of $48 billion tax dollars to a 30 year infrastructure wish list may cause funding crises in the basic functions of government such as education, health care, and security.”

“Folks, let me be as plain as I can be: It is a 48 billion dollar boondoggle. It is a pig in a poke. It is a dog that won’t hunt, and no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig, it’s still gonna be a pig!”

“Some say that this year we should reform the DOT and the Infrastructure bank and raise taxes. I say no, let’s reform the DOT and the infrastructure bank and then debate the issue only after the reform… after we know that real change has taken place.”

Gov. Haley’s plan: http://nikkihaley.com/

Analysis by the SC Policy Council: http://www.scpolicycouncil.org/featured/haley-roads

To sign a petition to oppose the gas tax, go here: http://petition.palmettoliberty.com/no-gas-tax-hike/?utm_campaign=pgremail&utm_medium=-&utm_source=GasTax&utm_content=taxswap&utm_term=allsubs&mc_cid=add26f9c2a&mc_eid=e6333b60b1


Join us for our next Laurens County Tea Party meeting on Thursday March 19th at 7 pm.  Our guest speaker is SC Attorney General Alan Wilson.  We meet at the Laurens County Higher Ed Learning Center, 663 Medical Ridge Rd., Clinton, Room 411.  Hope to see you there!



SC Tea Party Convention 2015

Posted January 22nd, 2014 by belsom

The 4th Annual SC Tea Party Convention was another FABULOUS event with top-notch speakers, which included Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, U.S Rep. Jeff Duncan, U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, Donald Trump, and many more!  I highly recommend watching as much of the Convention as you can, if you missed it!  Click this link to watch: http://southcarolinateapartycoalition.com/