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Register to Vote:

Register to vote at this link, plus look up friends and neighbors to see if they are registered.

Another great link for South Carolinians:


How to find your sample ballot:

Go to Over on the right, click on “Get my sample ballot.”  Follow the instructions.  It’s that easy!


One thought on “Voting Info

  1. Start an email blast for updates for those of us that want to join, but can’t afford it, because we are out of work or on Workers comp and our salaries are 1/2 the norm. I am out on work comp and have been since 10-18-14. I would love to be a part and hear the updates, but cannot pay the $30 to join. I can no longer do the job I loved, being a Paramedic and Firefighter. I volunteer at Hickory Tavern FD and can run and drive the trucks and treat patients, but I cannot lift or drag them, per WC. My family now lives pay check to pay check, as my spouse is a teacher. We love our freedom, I have taken an oth to protect MYcountry from enemies both Foreign and DOMESTIC, taken the oath of law enforcement twice, to protect our county, its population and the rights and lives of those who cannot protect themselves.
    Now, because I was doing a job that God called me to do, I am unable to work in any public any public safety profession.
    I have given to our county, my community and our country, sacrificing my family during times of need, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.
    I love and hold these oaths closely to my heart and still believe in them, the constitution and the flag that I have given so much for.
    Please consider this option and any options that you may have.

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