County Council Candidate Forum!

Laurens County Tea Party is sponsoring a County Council Candidate Forum on Thursday May 17th at 7 pm at the Laurens YMCA. All candidates for Districts 1 and 5 have been invited. Ted Nash is the District 1 incumbent, and he is not running for re-election. There are 4 candidates running: Adam Howell (confirmed), Susan Thackston (no response), Ryan Thorne (confirmed) and Kemp Younts (no response.) Keith Tollison is the District 5 incumbent and he has not responded. There are two challengers, Jeffrey Carroll and Dale Mitchell, both of whom are confirmed. Please submit questions to [email protected] Each candidate will have 5 minutes to speak and 5 minutes for questions, which will be asked by the moderator. Everyone is encouraged to attend! County Council makes MANY decisions that directly impact the residents, including tax increases. Be an informed citizen and voter!

Next Laurens County Tea Party Meeting!

Laurens County Tea Party is meeting on Thursday April 19, 7 pm, at Laurens Library. Say NO to increased property taxes!
Just like the gas tax that took years to pass, there is another tax increase in the works that threatens to double our primary resident taxes in SC. Come to our next meeting to hear from Dan Harvell, a longtime taxpayer advocate and expert on the issue of property taxes. He will discuss Act 388 that was passed in 2006 to the benefit of taxpayers and pending legislation and specific groups who are trying to revamp Act 388 and grant new taxing authority. As an educated group, we can raise our voice and stop any efforts to increase taxation. The Tea Party stands for lower taxes, less government, more freedom and following our Constitution. For more information, call 864-684-0587 or go to

Next Laurens County Tea Party Meeting!

Laurens County Tea Party is meeting on Thursday April 19th at 7 pm at Laurens Library, 1017 W. Main St. Our guest speaker is Dan Harvell. Dan Harvell will speak on the status of property tax in South Carolina and current threats that could double taxes on SC’s primary residences. This issue came to a head in the early 2000’s after it became obvious local governments and education were using the property tax “system” as an ATM for runaway spending. Dan and a handful of citizen activists came together and encouraged members of taxpayer groups across the state to join in an effort to reform and restrain the most hated tax of all. After three years of tireless work at the statehouse, including Senate hearings held across the state Act 388 was passed in 2006 due to the largest ever citizens effort on the General Assembly. What began with seven people multiplied to a citizen engagement list of 200,000, raising $250,000 in contributions. Since enactment in 2007, property tax relief for SC homeowners has accrued to a total of $6 Billion.
Dan Harvell has been a taxpayer advocate since first serving on city council at age 20.
Founding vice chairman and six term chairman, Anderson County Taxpayers Association.
Former vice president, South Carolina Association of Taxpayers.
Board member, current chairman of
Founding president, South Carolina Citizens Lobby
Three term chairman, Anderson County Republican Party
Current executive committeeman, SC Republican Party
All are welcome to attend!

Who We Are:

We advocate for more freedom, smaller government, lower taxes and defending our Constitutional rights, including religious liberty and our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms.  Monthly meetings are usually the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 pm.  Get involved and make a difference in your county, state, and country!