The mission of the Laurens County TEA Party is to restore our Constitutional Republic and to fight to preserve the freedoms granted by God as laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

We are a group of patriotic Americans who support personal and economic freedom and free markets. Our government debt currently stands at over 19 trillion dollars, and we support reducing spending, cutting taxes, and working towards a debt-free future, so that all Americans can live the American dream and keep more of our own money in our pockets.  We are concerned about our country’s slide into socialism, the increasing loss of our freedoms, and the increasing governmental interference and control, including the government take-over of the best health care system the world has ever seen, and the federal take-over of our schools through the insidious Common Core program.

Our goal is for “We the People” to be an educated and informed electorate, involved in our government, and working with and holding our elected representatives accountable to their oath of office to uphold the Constitution. If you are an American Patriot we invite you to join the movement today!


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  1. Hi,, I am hoping for a conservative, however these south carolina people are the ones who gave us gooober, lindsey graham, john edwards
    they gave us john mccain, they gave us elana kegan, they gave us sonya sotomayar, and looks like now donald trump,, no hope

    This is a real wake up call for america today, Now with the loss of Justice Scalia, now obama has the chance to really demoralize america. Since the lazy, apathetic , diaper wearing republicans have sat idle for years and have not stood up and demanded impeachment
    (and there are impeachment information posted at the bottom of this page, recent impeachment hearing, Did you know of this????, have you heeeeered this)
    this muslim america hating dictator who has committed treason against america still sits in office, with no republicans with the guts to oppose him

    There is a time for truth, Time to tell the truth as to why we have obama in the first place , and why do we have homosexual marriage, and those who claim to be the messengers of truth , do not want truth when it is aimed at them

    Well you have the bib wearing simpleton fools who told us christians were not supposed to be involved in politics, rather they should just sit there and ?/ what pray?, pray while they neglected their civic duty, believing a lie
    Then they tell you that wayell uuh, uuh hee haw you dat uh, the Lord sets kings and he gona put in dair who heya want to, showing their ignorance of the bible.
    So then on that belief is God a dictator?, or is he God of freedom?, Did not God establish America?, and give us a system to choose? our president? You cannot have it both ways, either he dictates who our ruler is , or lets us choose our leader



    However when you have so called conservative, christian bib wearing simpletons, who in 08 rejected the man of God, a intelligent man

    a pastor,,,,,,,(MIKE HUCKABEE),, and instead THEY wanted a war hero
    I remember watching the results come in and hoping for SOUTH CAROLINA to do the right thing, however, these fools went for john mccain
    You have to question the judgement of these people, well just look at who they keep choosing to be their senator, GOOBER, OH LIBERAL GOOBER, the war hero’s friend.
    As I listen to Brian Fischer on AFR, AFA, they like hannity and limbaugh always want to rail against these bad judges , these left wing
    socialist activist judges whom the SOUTHCAROLINIANS help put in pace. Yes that is true, these judges did not seat themselves
    The people of south carolina knew ahead of time that lindsey graham was a traitor, a liberal, a rino, and lied to the people to get elected
    and what did you do?YOU ELECTED HIM AGAIN, you said you approve, then the south carolinian’s elected sotomayor
    and kegan, you south carolinian’s are responsible in part for homosexual marriage, and obama care

    When you people knew he was gong to endorse another liberal judge did you stand up?, did you protest?, did you demand he step down?
    No I was watching and listening and you people did nothing, not a word, lifted not a finger

    And now since the republican primary is in south carolina this weekend, we conservatives yearning for a REAL REGAN CONSERVATIVE
    as we now have one, we wonder will these simpletons really do the right thing for our country ??, will you have enough common sense?

    will you vote for a born again christian constitutional conservative TED CRUZE??, or will you screw the country again as you have before?

    and while we can –CAL FOR IMPEACHMENT

    Linsey graham ,a yes for sotomayor


    Lindsey graham,a yes for sonya sotomayor “quote she is well qualified

    Lindsey graham votes YES FOR kagan

    Linsey Graham freedom index score









    Govt coming door to door, to check on children


    The nine members of the RNC Resolutions Committee who blocked the measure from the full body are as follows…
    Carolyn McLarty (Oklahoma) Chair
    Melody Potter (West Virginia)
    Paul Reynolds (Alabama)
    Tamara Scott (Iowa)
    Steve Scheffler (Iowa)
    Pat Longo (Connecticut)
    John Frey (Connecticut)
    Rosie Tripp (New Mexico)
    Linda Acherman (California)
    Republicans were given the purse strings in 2010 and have n

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