LCTP Accomplishments

Laurens County Tea Party Accomplishments

Laurens County Tea Party began in April 2009 with our first Freedom Rally. Our group formally organized shortly afterward, and since then, we have held annual Freedom Rallies. Each Rally has been a success, with an average of 200 people per rally.

Our first rally in 2009 focused mainly on taxes and national debt. Our next five rallies addressed taxes and debt, but as President Obama’s policies continued to encroach on our rights, the focus broadened to freedom in general.  Our 2013 Rally focused on our 2nd Amendment Rights.



Stop Obamacare Town Hall.  Speakers: Jesse Graston, Rep. Mike Pitts, Rep. Bill Chumley


Topic: How the Tea Party Can Elect a Presidential Conservative Candidate


Topic: 2nd Amendment Rights


Partnered with Presbyterian College Republicans for a movie night.  We showed “The Determinators,” a movie about how Obamacare will impact us.

Monthly meeting topic: 2013 Goals and Objectives for Laurens County Tea Party




2nd Amendment Rally:

President Dianne Belsom testified in Washington, D.C. before the House Ways and Means Committee due to IRS harassment:

Monthly meeting: topic: Capitalism and Christianity

Members also passed a Resolution opposing Common Core.


Topic: Understanding the Constitution Part 1


Topic: Agenda 21/Sustainable Development


Table at local festival, “Squealin’ on the Square.”

Monthly meeting topic: “Dangers of pending free trade agreements, US EU merger, and the coming New World Order.”


Candidate Forum U.S. Senate Race: Candidates participating: State Sen. Lee Bright and Richard Cash.  Candidates invited but declined: Bill Connor and Nancy Mace.


Our members also:

— attended Rallies around the state, on issues ranging from Freedom, to stopping Obamacare, and opposing Common Core.

— attended Congressional hearings in Columbia

–attended County Council meetings

— got involved in the Republican Party

— met with our elected representatives

— made phone calls and sent emails to our representatives on important issues

— attended the SC Tea Party Convention in Myrtle Beach

— networked with other patriots around the state

— Our President, Dianne Belsom, traveled to D.C. twice in order to speak out on the IRS harassment that our group has endured. (And the IRS still has not responded to our application for 501c4 status, over three and a half years after we applied.)


January: Election of officers, committee sign-ups, membership renewals. Three candidates spoke: David Stumbo for Solicitor, Don Reynolds for Sheriff, and William Weir for Coroner.

February: Both Sen. Danny Verdin and Rep. Mike Pitts gave updates on what is going on in Columbia.

March: School Choice Rally. Matthew Coleman from South Carolina for Responsible Government spoke about the School Choice issue.

April: Freedom Rally! Speakers: Allen Lollis, President of Wofford College  Republicans, Rep. Mike Pitts, Rep. Mark Willis, Desiree Belsom, and Dianne Belsom, President of Laurens County Tea Party. The key note speaker was Stacy Swimp, a black conservative radio talk show host and president and founder of the Fredrick Douglass Society. Mr. Swimp’s topic was “Concede Nothing: A Message to the Grassroots.”

May: Candidate Forum in place of our regular meeting:

Ricky Chastain (Sheriff):

David Brewer (Sheriff):

Don Reynolds (Sheriff):

Jerry Peace (Solicitor):

David Stumbo (Solicitor):

John Martin (County Council District 2):

Joe Woods (County Council District 2):

William Weir (Coroner):

June: Operation Lost Vote event that involved a meeting and volunteers manning the precincts all day on our Primary election in order to collect signatures for candidates (both parties) who were kicked off the ballot due to gross corruption in SC.

July: Dianne Belsom, President, spoke and outlined our strategy for the remainder of the year, with a large focus on how to defeat Obamacare and get the more conservative candidates elected.

August: U.S. Representative Jeff Duncan was our guest speaker, who updated us on what is going on in DC. He also received an award by Laurens County Tea Party for being a strong supporter of liberty and conservative values. Watch the video here:

September: Chair of our Vetting Committee, Keith Tripp, gave an educational talk about 3 keys to the foundation of our country: Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum. We also discussed the recommendations of the Vetting Committee and voted on candidate endorsements.

October: Ashley Landess from the SC Policy Council was our guest speaker. She spoke about what is going on in SC politics. Joe Mack briefly spoke about the “common core” standards being pushed for education. See the videos here:

We also covered 2 local festivals where we handed out various educational materials, candidate information, and pocket Constitutions. On October 5th we registered voters.

November: Recap on elections and plan for moving forward.

December: No meeting